Man v. Wolf

Here’s a great example of how they grow ’em out here in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan! I heard another story a couple of years ago about a man from Ortok, Kochkor who battled a wolf on his way home from the fields. Supposedly this man stuck his arm down the wolf’s throat and choked it to death. Subduing a wolf with bare hands–there’s only one word to describe that: badass!

Geezer Adventures

Ariel, one of my fellow volunteers, lives in a village about an hour west of Naryn.  Last week, a shepherd from her village heard his dogs fighting, went outside and found his dogs being attacked by a wolf.  What did he do?  He jumped into the fray, choked the wolf until it passed out, tied it up and brought it back to the village.  It’s been all over the news here.  Here are photos of the shepherd and of the wolf. jigit23jigit232We grow ’em tough here in Naryn!

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