How to make a man fall in love with you

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. From my own travels around the world through various cultures and times let me propose this common path to love has missed a bit low: it’s really through his ears.

I was waiting for a friend one day outside a library so I decided to sit down and take out my guitar. Some volunteer friends and I are in a band that performs Kyrgyz music and we had a show coming up so I figured this was a good chance to practice in public to see how my nerves would stand up. Just as I got to the part where the song goes, “I love you, truly from my heart…” a man happened by, stopped, turned, crouched down, put a hand on my knee, and gave me the biggest love-struck smile I’ve ever seen. For a moment my voice faltered and then I thought, “No! The show must go on!” and completed my love ballad to this swooning stranger.

He was so happy. I was more happy to turn my guitar over to him.

I think he’s winking at me

I’ve never really liked music. Sure, I have thousands of songs on iTunes playlists ranging from 90s alt to mash-ups to Mozart. I was even in a ska band in high school. But I think music has been more of a cursory enjoyment than an integral part of my life. I’m not that person who lists all the live shows he’s been to on his “about me” section of Facebook. The list wouldn’t be more than a line long anyway. I do enjoy music, but compared to a lot of other people it might seem I don’t like it at all.

This may be why it’s taken me so long to find the secret to making men fall in love with me. As a straight dude, this is a lesson I could have gone a lifetime without learning. I suppose this lesson could also apply to making women fall in love with me, but so far this hasn’t shown out through experience. I have much more luck with the guys.

Our little Peace Corps band has played at several shows around the country, and was even showcased on one of the national TV channel’s New Year’s Eve program. I’ve been struck and humbled by all the people who are attracted to our music, women and men alike. And though people are impressed by the fact Americans are learning their language, I believe it’s the universal language of music that’s the biggest draw. You don’t even need to speak it well to communicate great volumes. Show up to a party with a refrain and a verse of almost anything and for a moment you will captivate a soul, tying a cord between yours and his, the song’s vibration dancing along this string, igniting desires and emotions within. Why else would they say it tugs on the heart strings?

This lesson learned may not be the best help in my own quest for love. But who knows, maybe you’ll be more lucky. Choose a song that you’ve fallen in love with and sing it out with all your heart. You might just make someone fall in love with you.

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