Help make the arts possible!

September 1st in Kyrgyzstan is known as Knowledge Day. It’s the first day all students return to the bustle of classes, friends and clubs. This year the arts students in my village are looking forward to a heated auditorium.

But we need your help! The community has raised over $2,000 for renovations to the performance hall, but still needs $3,000 more before all the materials can be purchased.

The winter weeks come early in Kyrgyzstan so we would like to be fully funded by Friday, September 19th so renovations can begin.

You can donate securely at the Peace Corps website.

  • A $1,000 donation will purchase all 18 heaters for the auditorium
  • A $300 donation will purchase a wardrobe set for the changing rooms
  • A $100 donation will purchase electrical equipment for the renovations

Click here to donate!

To see your dollars at work, simply send a message to my e-mail address (Luther[dot]Flagstad[at] with your address and our dance team will send you a thank you note with pictures of them dancing in the new space! (Since the Peace Corps office in Washington handles all the donations I am not able to see a direct list of who’s donated.)

If you have donated already, thank you so much for your contribution! (And reply so we can send you a thank you note!) Please pass this page along to someone you know who would like to help contribute to the future success of the arts department in our village school.







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